Company Overview

Micro-Procure is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Company that facilitates mutually beneficial Trade. We promote fair trade practicies, transparency and ensure that the requirements of the Buyers matches with the Product/Service Offerings of the Suppliers. Simply put;

  • Buyers will get complete, structured, product / service specific information, which will help them reduce their procurement time, with great Quality & value for Money.
  • Suppliers will get abundant opportunities to find new businesses & promote their business online.

Service Delivery Method

For the Buyers - Micro-Procure provides an online platform consisting of Product and Service Catalogue with user friendly presentation & scores of options to find the right product in the shortest time.
For the Suppliers – Enables them to list all the Products and Services they offer in a way that enables them to build successful Sales Funnels which will in turn drastically reduce the Prospect-to-Paying Customer / Conversion rates.

What’s in it for the Buyers?

  • Latest Product & Service Catalogue
  • Verified Suppliers
  • New Product & Services alerts via Email
  • Send inquiries to verified & registers Suppliers from the Portal
  • Access to Supplier Profiles & Portfolio of Products & Services offered

What’s in it for the Suppliers?

  • Business Lead generation aimed at the Target Buyers
  • Verified Buyers
  • Effective Marketing via word-of-mouth & product catalogue advertising on the portal
  • Opportunity to expand their Business Service Locations across cities
  • Reliable Communications channel to the Buyer with Adressbook & eMarketing Functionality
  • Mass eMail Marketing as soon as your Product / Service Catalogue is updated.

Our Mission

Help Businesses find the right products and services, in time, without compromising on Quality, Time, Fair-Trade Practices & Reliability by providing best- in-Industry Tools.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable provider of services to enable highly efficient B2B (Business to Business) Transactions

Our Core Values

  • Transparency – Prioritize legality over profitability. Preserve ethically, legally & socially acceptable Trade practices.
  • Result-Orientation – Set clear Goals, prioritize the right things, Organize resources & processes and measure to improve.
  • Customer-centric Approach – We revere the uniqueness of each Customer & tailor the offerings accordingly.
  • Innovation – Encourage individuality of thought. Use Customer & Employee Feedback as our guiding Star to consistently thrive to find ways to make our offerings far exceed Customer expectations.